Creating an Inclusive Environment

Cultivating a diverse workforce is an important part of 成人福利视频鈥 culture. Promoting a diverse workplace elevates human value and productivity by respecting and utilizing the viewpoints of workers from different backgrounds. We are a committed Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage open dialogue and understanding among our employees. Our workforce diversity allows 成人福利视频 to better represent the communities in which we live and work and to ensure that our employees are the best and brightest in the industry.

成人福利视频 recognizes that employees need to feel like they belong within an organization. Resource groups, on-going trainings and teambuilding activities create a community environment that welcomes individuals and embraces their differences. Most recently, 成人福利视频 created an internal forum dedicated to this important cause, DEIc.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and community (DEIc) Forums

In support of its recently launched core values, 成人福利视频 launched the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and community (DEIc) forums, consisting of a core group of volunteers from each region. These forums have been working hard to foster healthy discussions in their regions and develop ideas and trainings to fortify our commitment to diversity and community. These groups support employees in each region, working to maintain internal morale and community ties through outreach, mentoring, recruiting and advancement-related efforts.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) has awarded 成人福利视频 the National Diversity Excellence Award in the General Contractor category nine times since the award鈥檚 inception in 2012. This national award is judged on the diversity of the company鈥檚 own workforce hiring practices, training, and retention, as well as our relationships with small disadvantaged, minority, or women-owned subcontractors and vendors.

鈥淚 take our core value of diversity very seriously. I understand the advantages that a diverse workforce can bring to our business and recognize that diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion and equity. That collectively, this mixture of differences in characteristics, experiences and backgrounds combined with the similarities of our 成人福利视频 core values, makes us a stronger company.鈥

鈥 Mike Choutka, 成人福利视频 Chairman & CEO

Here are a few ways 成人福利视频 is supporting diversity, both within the company and throughout the construction industry:

Promoting Women in Construction

With twice the national average of women in construction, 成人福利视频 supports women in the AEC industry. From educating aspiring young high-schoolers through programs like ACE, to recruiting top talent at hundreds of college campuses nationwide, 成人福利视频 encourages the mentoring, hiring and growth of women in construction. In addition to being an industry leader, internally, 成人福利视频 supports its employees through programs such as the Women鈥檚 Leadership Seminar (WLS), an event designed to bring together women from across the company to learn from one another, share challenges, and explore areas of personal and career growth, as well as WNet, a leadership network of women within the company.

Supporting Underrepresented Minorities

By engaging diverse businesses, providing recruiting opportunities and supporting national organizations, 成人福利视频 is building a culture without boundaries where everyone can feel empowered and has equal opportunity. 成人福利视频 has a long-standing relationship supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Internally, 成人福利视频 supports their employees through educational resources, on-going training and encouraging employee resource groups such as BNet (Black Network), an organized group of 成人福利视频 employees and executives coming together to support one another.

Advancing Veterans and Service Members

Even when they are no longer in the military, veterans are Always in Uniform. They bring teamwork, integrity and respect into every aspect of their lives, including on the jobsite. They truly embody 成人福利视频鈥 Core Values–one of the many reasons why 成人福利视频 encourages the hiring and support of military veterans. 成人福利视频 is actively involved in organizations such as , and and encourages all service members to apply.

成人福利视频 is proud to support the ongoing commitments of our National Guard and Reserve employees. 成人福利视频 supports these employees during deployments and is proud to welcome them home and work with them to transition back to the jobsite when their deployment ends. 鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧

Building-Up Those Who Need It Most

As a large contractor building in communities across the nation, 成人福利视频 values the opportunity to contribute to the training and job possibilities for the local people, no matter what their past or circumstance may be. 成人福利视频 believes in second chances and that everyone deserves an opportunity to build. Because of these beliefs, 成人福利视频 continually partners with local re-entry and rehabilitation programs, with the goal of creating opportunities for individuals recently exiting the justice system.

In addition to partnership opportunities, 成人福利视频 has created its own program, the Employment Opportunity Program, designed to connect the homeless community with job prospects in the construction industry. The Employment Opportunity Program allows individuals to build steady construction careers as well as improve their livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Building Together

Created by employees and partners, Building Together is 成人福利视频鈥 national diversity and inclusion campaign. Building Together highlights the importance of diversity within 成人福利视频 and the AEC industry. The campaign gives employees the opportunity to share their stories and learn from each other鈥檚 experiences.

Learn More About 成人福利视频 Building Together Campaign